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    I received an email from Marqui regarding my last post, offering some assistance, and have been meaning to post the details. To review, basically I was having an issue with publishing to multiple servers. I could publish to the test server that’s a Windows machine, but I was unable to have the “backup” publishing location work. After a bit of struggling with it, and a bit of documentation reading, I gave up. Marqui’s support people did state that the exact function I was attempting wasn’t supported (yet?)

    At this time, the Marqui system allows for only 1 Publishing Schema.
    You can publish to ALL MS boxes, ALL Apache boxes, but not a mix of

    That’s fine, as there appear to be a number of CGI elements that are uploaded to the server for purposes I’m not completely aware of at this time. I suppose my biggest confusion with the publishing is that I’d like it to publish regardless of the OS or the end functionality of the site, especially if it’s a secondary publishing location. It’s just sending it with FTP, after all, so OS dependence shouldn’t matter at that level. If it doesn’t send it to the secondary location due to OS requirements, authentication failure, path problems on the server, etc, I’d like to know about it. My ideal world would have a message come up in the browser that states “Publish to primary server succeeded. Unable to publish to secondary server. See log for detailed information” and there being a good log of events that’s readily available.

    Unfortunately (or should that be fortunately?) I don’t have a Windows web server that I can test the secondary publishing with. I suppose I could just change the primary publishing location to a unix based system that I run and see what happens with that. If I get an hour later today I think I’ll do just that, and see how the site looks from the server end, and what sort of CGI elements are deployed.


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