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    New Year’s Eve with “Celebrities”

    by  • 12/28/2004 • life • 0 Comments

    A commercial on local Vancouver TV was advertising a night of wining and dining with celebrities, and I was only able to make note of one name that was listed; Nadia Wit. No offense to Nadia, as she has more entries in IMDB than I do, or than anyone I know personally. That said, on […]

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    MS whines that they were out of the loop on security problems

    by  • 12/28/2004 • geek • 1 Comment

    A rather large security hole is uncovered, again centered around image loading, and MS gets pissy that the public was notified. “Microsoft is disappointed that Xfocus took actions that could put computer users at risk by not following the commonly accepted industry practise of privately reporting security vulnerabilities to software vendors,” the spokeswoman said. One […]

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    More of that Marqui publishing…

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    I received an email from Marqui regarding my last post, offering some assistance, and have been meaning to post the details. To review, basically I was having an issue with publishing to multiple servers. I could publish to the test server that’s a Windows machine, but I was unable to have the “backup” publishing location […]

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