• That Seattle trip is going to happen…

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    So much for the hostels, which would have cost nearly $US60 per night for private room assuming that they had any availability. The hotel will run $79 per night and I won’t have to share a bathroom with anyone who smells of patchoulli. Hostels make sense if you’re traveling alone and have no problem sleeping in a big room full of strangers who could be axe murderers for all you know of them.

    The tickets for the Amtrak train / bus have been acquired, the hotel has been reserved, and the dog’s accomodations have been arranged. The dog will LOVE this, as it will mean staying at the vet’s place for 4 nights. She’s a huge drama queen and loves to do the shake-and-pee routine when visiting the vet. We’ll see how high the drama is wednesday morning when we go to drop her off.

    I don’t quite understand Amtrak’s presence here in Vancouver. It’s so infrequent as to feel like it’s non-existant. Most of the appeal of Amtrak is that it’s aTRAIN, and when I take Amtrak, I’d like to be boarding an honest to goodness train. Not a charter bus that is indistinguishable from any other charter bus line in the world. I’ll pay the extra couple bucks and take my seat on the train, thank you; that way I can wander around, go to the dining car and eat lunch, etc. You get to choose from one of the following times when traveling from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA if you want to take the bus:

    Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA departs 6:00pm

    That’s it. You can go at 6:00pm or get on the bus with the riff raff. That’s a decent enough option when you compare it to your amazing options on the way back to Vancouver;

    Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC departs 7:45am

    Sure, there are a half dozen options for bus charters in each direction, but why bother?

    So, we’re taking a bus in one direction, and the train in the other. Surprisingly enough, I’ve opted to take the early morning train rather than the evening one. Getting home at 10:00pm or later on Sunday night and going into the office the next morning doesn’t really appeal to me. We’ll arrive by bus in Seattle for about 5:00pm this wednesday and we’ll be back home sunday afternoon sometime.

    I think that everyone I know has vacated Seattle for the week around this trip, but I’m coming down for the Jello Biafra / Melvins new years gig at Neumos (not to be confused with the all-ages show on Dec 30.)


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    1. 12/27/2004 at 5:17 pm

      Have fun in Seattle! I lived there (a couple times) years ago. Loved it.

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