• NYU Student upset that his $200 brand new laptop was a fake

    by  • 12/25/2004 • humor, life • 0 Comments

    Wow… It’s a beautiful fake though… It’s no P-p-p-powerbook but it’s cool. I’m a big fan of the logo on the lid.

    “I got hustled” he said. “I spent $200 on this thing because my computer’s a piece of shit and I really need a new one for school. Now I’m broke. Now I’m really fucked.”

    Spending $200 on a “new” laptop in front of a liquor store, you deserve to get fucked. Kid’s lucky that the crackfiend didn’t say “yeah, come on over to my van in the alley here and we’ll get it….” There’s a market for kidneys still, isn’t there?


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