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    Over at a member of “The Reality-Based Community” things have taken an interesting veer into the “Suburbs of Surrealism” with a post pointing out a bit of video (Realvideo format, and skip ahead to 16:47 when he looks down), that proves G.W. Bush was wearing a wire and being fed information from the back room.

    Okay, I viewed this clip and all I can see is something I’ve done… At first it appears to me that the man has a bit of gas, and he bent his head down to burp. He may even has muttered and “excuse me” before continuing on with what he was in the middle of saying. He didn’t change the sentence, he didn’t change the topic, or redirect where he was headed with it noticeably. If he was getting instructions in that tiny little space of time it was very quick, maybe a bulk download to his cyborg brain. One comment suggested that perhaps he kicked something on the ground, and looked down to see what it was. Something may have falled off the podium, and hit his foot, etc.

    Seriously, I’m no GWB fan in the slightest, but this pushes the limits of craziness on behalf of the conspiracy seekers.

    That said, so WHAT if he wears a wire during a press conference? I care if he’s wearing one during a debate, but during a press conference, I think that it’s fair that he get direction from his handlers. He’s not a great speaker, and he could use the help. GWB is basically an anchor man who’s in charge of the USA, and anchor men get an earpiece to the production office, so why shouldn’t the Anchor in Chief? An anchor man is as in charge of a news broadcast as the President is in charge of the country… That’s not to say an anchor has any power at all, it’s to say that the President has very little real control.


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