• Left handed in a right handed world…

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    Matt details a call he made to his credit card company to change his US address to a Canadian one now that he’s living here in Vancouver. It’s not pretty…

    I understand now why Canadians get so irked at Americans. Canada is the left-handed person in a right-hander’s world. Everyone expects you to sort of just do it the same way as the US, except nothing quite fits, and then people get all strangely irritated at you, as if it’s your fault personally that Canada is not the same as the US.

    I’m sure most Canadians can relate to the conversation, or have had the exact same conversation. I know that I’ve long since started to say “Canadian Address” before listing anything off as the rep would have to login to a completely separate system for some reason… I’d like to think that it’s in deference to our different privacy laws, but I’m sure it has nothing to do with that and more to do with poorly designed software that hard-codes “zip codes” to five numeric digits and states to one of 50 or so choices. Guam gets more respect than we do.


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    1. 12/23/2004 at 9:18 am

      Oh, and it gets even more fun. Legally, American firms can’t send credit cards or visa-debit cards into Canada. So now each year when I need to get a new card? I have to change my address to my postal box in Blaine for a few months. It’s great. Not to mention that one of my banks mail merge programs isn’t equipped to deal with more than three lines of address, so half the time I end up with [first & last name] [street address] [country]. That Canada Post gets the mail to me at all, is amazing.

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