• Is this a TOS violation?

    by  • 12/23/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    I’ve been following a bit of discussion around advertising on weblogs, specifically as it relates to the ubiquitous Google AdSense program and its Terms of Service and how they work (or don’t work) with other advertising outlets.

    Specifically how exclusive Google expects you to be. The Google TOS says;

    “You agree not to display on the same Web page in connection with which any Ad Unit, Ad, or Search Box is displayed (a “Results Page”) any advertisement(s) that an end user of Your Site(s) would reasonably confuse with a Google advertisement or otherwise associate with Google. If You have elected to receive content-based Ads, You further agree not to display on any Results Page any non-Google content-targeted advertisement(s)”

    Take a look at CrispAds for an example. They don’t APPEAR to be content based, though there’s no real language that I’ve seen at the CrispAds site to define how they pick the ads to display other than the advertising site gets to choose the categories they wish to display and block unwanted ads.


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