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    From the “No big surprise for a company with no customers anymore” department… SCO Reports $6.5 Million Loss. I think that Darl and the legal team are all that’s left over there these days? Somehow they still have $10 million more in revenue to lose…

    The litigious Unix company’s revenue fell to $10.1 million, down from $24.3 million a year ago, when the company suffered a fourth-quarter loss of $1.6 million or 12 cents per share. Dion Cornett, a financial analyst with Decatur Jones Equity Partners, had predicted that SCO would only lose 18 cents a share on $10.8 million in revenue.

    Here’s hoping that they lose that other 10.1 real soon.

    In the one concrete new legal development, McBride indicated that SCO would no longer be pursuing its case against DaimlerChrysler AG at this time.

    So, they’re choosing not to pursue this after being laughed out of court, tail between legs. Interesting way of spinning the story.

    SCO is staying the course with its other legal actions with AutoZone Inc., IBM, Novell Inc. and Red Hat Inc. In no small part, this is because SCO has a new financial relationship with its lawyers.

    Still no developments or actual proof surfacing on these cases… “These people use a product called LINUX and that’s an obvious infringement on our UNIX IP – I mean, they’re just mocking up by using ALL FOUR LETTERS in their name!” I keep expecting sco.com to look like timecube one day. I mean, the text is pretty close. Change “Cubic” or “Cube” to “UNIX” or “SCO” and you pretty much have a SCO press release generator.


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