• Beastie Boys, meet The Beatles

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    While I was busy downloading the Beastles mashup that I saw listed on Boing Boing, I poked around on the main site, and found a really nice mix of Yoshimi Battles Snoop Dogg which sounds really good put together like that.

    Some of these Beastles tunes are better than others, and so far I think I like Tripper Trouble about the best, though I haven’t been through the entire album yet.

    I love the note at the bottom of his pages;

    By downloading these you agree to delete them within 48 hours.

    I know, he’s messing with songs he doesn’t own, but for people who are fans of either artist (or both artists) it can be really entertaining. I mean, I am no fan of Jay Z, but I really enjoy the Grey Album… it’s well produced by Danger Mouse, and it sounds much better than the Black Album as far as I’m concerned. The original Black Album sounds too electronic and artificial…


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