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    I read Dan Sherman’s web log – he has some interesting business ideas, many of which could actually be worked into profitable scenarios. It may be that he doesn’t have the time or the direct knowledge of the industry that an idea would require, and so he posts the idea to his blog. It’s a fun bit of reading so long as it’s about the business ideas and not about the politics.

    Today’s idea is Blog Tshirts which is one of the ideas he’s keeping, and he wants to get content for the site from bloggers:

    Are you a blogger? Get listed on our site and start selling your blog on a t-shirt. We offer a passive revenue stream where all you do is link to our site. No tracking, no fuss. Just link to our site. When a t-shirt with your blog on it sells, you get $10. Simple as that

    His big money comes from selling knick-knacks and ornaments via mail order. I’m not a big fan of this sort of thing, but there’s obviously a market for this sort of thing and I’m not it. Anyhow, what he’s offering is an ongoing commission on any ornamentation sales that come referred by the blogger whose t-shirt sells…

    So, if you were to buy my T-shirt (as an example) there, for $23 I would receive $10 of that cash, and you would receive a lovely t-shirt that says, in large bold letters “BANKRUPT ARTIST” along with a print catalog of ornaments. You decide that you simply can’t be without some Pro-Bush or Anti-Kerry ornaments, or a Canadian Santa, and order it. I then get a referral commission. It’s like one big MLM love fest, except you really don’t have to do anything….

    There’s something intriguing about a t-shirt with the words “BANKRUPT ARTIST” on the front of it, though… maybe if it didn’t say “I read blogs like” at the top of each shirt, or had the actual URL for the site on the back. I know it’s a first shot, but I can imagine that this might be workable, especially if the the work is done closely with the bloggers, maybe even in a “Cut Cafepress’ Throat” fashion – make it more worth a bloggers while to go to you…. That is, come up with a relatively basic system that will allow a blogger to upload an image and make the shirt available for sale. No need to have the expansive list of items like Cafepress, but white T-shirts and Mugs would be great. I mean, look at the sheer volume of STUFF that you can get your logo printed on… what would I buy? T-shirts, mugs, maybe buttons.

    Oh, and Dan, should you read this, I don’t see your adverts in my RSS reader – In fact, I only see the first sentence or so. Today’s post looked like this:

    This post is meant for my fellow bloggers out there. Please check out a new service I will be launching shortly at blogTshirts.com. It’s not fully functional as of yet, but I’d like to get a core…

    I’m a self-professed remarkable entrepreneur. I’ve got too many ideas and not enough time to do them all. Hopefully you can take one of my ideas and create value where none existed before.

    I get that “self-professed” line in every entry on the RSS feed…


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