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    And you think you had it bad…

    by  • 12/20/2004 • angst, roomies • 0 Comments

    So, your room mate hasn’t cleaned up the kitchen counter after making a sandwich, or maybe they never clean the sink in the bathroom? Well, you might just be doing okay – it’s all about perspective. Has your room mate shat on your stove? He shat in a lot of our fixtures. He would put […]

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    Dan Sherman takes blogging MLM… sort of…

    by  • 12/20/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    I read Dan Sherman’s web log – he has some interesting business ideas, many of which could actually be worked into profitable scenarios. It may be that he doesn’t have the time or the direct knowledge of the industry that an idea would require, and so he posts the idea to his blog. It’s a […]

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    Wikipedia is everywhere

    by  • 12/20/2004 • geek, life • 2 Comments

    I installed Trillian Basic 3 on my work machine today, and thought it was crazier than usual. I was seeing green underlines under a LOT of words that I couldn’t possibly be spelling incorrectly… Like Edmonton… It’s a Wikipedia lookup, which is neat, but of questionable utility… Words like ‘shit’ or ‘everything’ were popping up, […]

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