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    Metafilter membership, it is MINE!

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    I fully intended to sign up for Metafilter when they began allowing new users again. I’ve wanted to reply to posts there before, but without an account, I had to resort solely to muttering under my breath at my computer. Sometimes there would be yelled accusations and maniacal laughter… For a $5 nuisance fee, it’s […]

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    Christmas in the year 2003, as seen from 1974

    by  • 12/19/2004 • geek, humor, life • 0 Comments

    Oh, so very very close… Because of the incredible advances in automation, machines might well be doing most of the work in our factories and offices, and so everyone might have much more leisure time. Many people believe that this will lead to a revival of handicrafts of all kinds, both because everyone will have […]

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