• Somehow I’m able to break things…

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    Thought that I should make an attempt at publishing with the Marqui CMS to my own site, just to see what would happen. I resorted to firing up the Trojan Magnet known as Internet Explorer for a quick run through, as there were a couple more spots I found that didn’t function quite right in Firefox. Try clicking on the “Browse” button as an example…

    One thing that I found is that some of the error messages are rather cryptic.

    An error was encountered, if you need more help please contact system support with following information:

    [SiteSchemaSrv.aspLoad] SiteManager: [SiteSchemaSrv.Load] SiteManager: rsServers is empty: nothing to do

    Hit CTRL-R to try again (if the error was related to network communication).

    Ah, rsServers is empty. Okay, but is that related to network communication? I’m assuming that I’m dealing with a missing field, so I back up… After trying again, it would appear that this error means “Enter a numeric IP address and not a domain name because we can’t resolve names here.”

    Sure enough, all of the form fields appear fine when I first looked, so I head to the “HELP” icon, and the screen shots in the publishing section appear to include options that don’t exist in the system as it exists (Publishing Platform, for example), so I head back and check out the demo publishing option for the demo site. Turns out that the shots that I was looking at were from another section of the setup screens than I expected. I notice that the default site has the IP address in the space marked “Web Server (ip)” Why does the system require the IP address of the web server here? It appears that it MEANS IP address, though I can’t imagine why FTP would require a numeric IP address, especially if the FTP server hosts multiple virtual servers on the same IP, etc. I’d like to see the settings specifically mention “FTP Server Address” to avoid any sort of confusion – especially with out-dated help screens in place. Item level help would be nice, with the ability to click on a question mark to the left of any field with contextual help on that item – like to explain why the IP address is required, or how to setup the publishing that I tried next. I would like to be able to set the port for the FTP transfer from the default 21, in the event that my web host system has an alternate port for access.

    I do like the floating menu that I found on the right of the screen – look for the little exclamation mark icon that hangs out on the side of many of these screens. Nice that there’s a “save” regardless of where I am on the screen, and it’d be nice to see it work in FireFox.

    Under the Publishing Schemas, I was going to test publishing with a different schema in order to completely change the default setup, however I wasn’t able to find a way to add a new schema. My theory being that I might be publishing to two different web servers – one Unix, one Windows. I can choose the publishing platform on a per-schema basis, and I can include multiple servers in a single schema, but I can’t set two different operating systems in one schema, and I can’t add a schema, so I’m feeling a bit lost. The help on the publishing appeared pretty limited, but I didn’t look too deep.

    I have two publishing destinations, each a seperate physical server. The default one, ‘ID 1: National 2’ is a Windows server, and the one I added ‘ID2: foo.ca test’ is my own Unix based server. The Publishing Schema is where you give specifics on the type of server, to facilitate cgi creation it would appear. I can’t seem to add a seperate Schema, but I can add a server to the sole schema. Hmm… I’m not sure if this is entirely clear. My idea here was that I might be publishing my corporate pages to the Windows machine hosted in the Toronto office, and to put the national sites on a unix server in the European office. Maybe there’s another way of handling this in the existing system?

    My reason for trying this was simply to make an attempt at publishing the site to my own server to see what kind of data gets moved around, and how quicky the transfer is handled. I seem to be hitting roadblocks, but I’m not sure if they’re there by design.

    So, on to plan two… I’ll try setting the Page Staging Server to point at my new publishing destination. We’ll see what happens now… I created a test page and released it to the servers as http://www.2.national-corp.com/About_Us/stuff.html – this page showed up pretty much immediately after released in the manager. At no point did it appear in the ftp directory at foo.ca as I expected.

    Is the setting “Preview on Staging Server” a functional option? I would have liked to see something here if there was an error, or if the preview stage was attempted at all.

    I am impressed at how my sample page that I created to test the upload was transparently whipped into shape, though. My simple “test test test” list wrapped in all that template. The option to add this new page into the global navigation menu was a nice touch, as keeping that sort of thing up to date across entire sites is one of those things that you appreciate any help with after a while. The odd part is in the view source, where the content that I added was duplicated in the header meta tags, which seems pretty odd…. effectively including the page content twice. I checked pages that I didn’t upload as well, and sure enough, the pages are twice as big as they likely should be thanks to the massive HEAD information…


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