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    Oh, those CRAZY Cubans!

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    A Yahoo News story reports about billboard retaliation by the Cuban government against an American first strike. HAVANA – Cuba retaliated for the U.S. diplomatic mission’s Christmas display supporting Cuban dissidents by putting up a billboard Friday emblazoned with photographs of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners and a huge swastika overlaid with a “Made in […]

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    Most secure windows’ weakest link

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    Big freaking surprise. The “most secure windows” is still open to holes that make it easy for phishermen to convince ignorant end users that they really DO need to enter their atm card’s PIN into the form on eBay to prove their identity. This is still the cross-site-scripting issue with ActiveX…. It’s about time you […]

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    John Scalzi’s Utterly Useless Writing Advice

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    John gives some use some advice that he considers utterly useless. It’s actually pretty pragmatic, if a bit grumpy in spots (“I want to be a writer. What do I do? DUH. You write, dummy.”). Or, to put it more succinctly: Writing professionally is a business. If you want to write professionally, you have to […]

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    Jello Biafra

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    Jello Biafra is playing a New Year’s Eve gig in Seattle, fronting The Melvins; Friday December 31st – Neumos, Seattle, WA (925 East Pike St ) w/ Jello Biafra and The Melvins, The Makers, Big Business . Evaporators are on 2nd. I’m on the guest list, courtesy of Nardwuar, but do I really want to […]

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