• Self pity isn’t very attractive

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    There’s a local music promoter here in Vancouver that brings in a lot of shows, does a lot of club nights, and is rather active in club and music promotion. The problem is that he loses money on nearly every show; a fact that he makes well known every time it happens. He maintains a number of forums and posts to them to let everyone know how much he’s sacrificing to improve “the scene.”

    Turnout was maybe 100 people … I lost a little over $1000 putting on this show… full report coming soon after I wake up more fully […] and up until 5 AM tearing downm [sic] and returning gear after the show last night and man, am I feeling the burn now. Grroooaan … so groggy!

    This is after a show that started at 11:30pm on a Sunday night. You know, the day before many people who might attend a concert begin their work week at 9:00am. People point out a number of things, suggesting ways to increase attendance in order to help this guy break even. One by one he shoots down the ideas, suggesting that maybe he’s actually attracting 90% of the viable audience already. Shooting down the idea of shifting the target of his advertising, defending every choice he makes, and as much as stating that he’s simply not happy making changes on a GUESS that it will change anything. After all, he’s the promoter, and it’s not all about the money.

    If it’s not about the money, you’d think that he wouldn’t make sure an issue of it after each show.

    In the past, I offered him space in local publications to help advertise his shows. All I wanted was access to the show, and his help setting up an interview with the band; a pretty standard request. His response was to tell me how the local press never come out to his shows… I was offering to come out to his show and give him 600-1000 words and photos, ahead of the show and after. Instead of agreeing, he jumps all over how crappy the media are, and how they don’t come to his shows. Fine, whatever. I offered once, and won’t bother again… I don’t fight promoters in order to help them advertise their shows.

    Ah well, I could copy and paste the whole conversation, but here’s the link to the whole thing – the promoter is “cheekie devil” I’m “MySoulIsSoooDark” and my wife is “Nicosian2.”


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