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    Nested Comments

    by  • 12/13/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    I’ve enabled Brian Meidell’s threaded comments (formerly “nested comments”) plugin, and it’s very pretty. Now to add a subscribe to comments option with another plugin….

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    Self pity isn’t very attractive

    by  • 12/13/2004 • life, music • 0 Comments

    There’s a local music promoter here in Vancouver that brings in a lot of shows, does a lot of club nights, and is rather active in club and music promotion. The problem is that he loses money on nearly every show; a fact that he makes well known every time it happens. He maintains a […]

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    What’s the Bzz, tell me what’s a happenin’….

    by  • 12/13/2004 • life • 3 Comments

    There’s this swirl of debate by a number of people who know everything about what’s going on in the blogosphere, and they know The Truth. These people are those that know what’s wrong with something without looking into it, without questioning, and without investingating. They have had A Vision that has revealed to them The […]

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    Pubsub gives more detailed view….

    by  • 12/13/2004 • geek, life • 0 Comments

    There’s more happening over at PubSub right now. Want to know more about who’s linking to you, and what your stats really look like? I posted an image that Bob emailed me last week that bears some similarity to these new images… The graph that is displayed is a flash app, and it’d be cool […]

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