• Pubsub behaviour

    by  • 12/11/2004 • geek, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    I check my pubsub link rank each morning to see if I’m approaching the top 1000 yet. I’ve been slowly creeping up and up over the past little bit, and today I see that I’ve nearly cut my rank in half. From 46819 to 27051 in the past 24 hours. No big changes in what I was doing, commenting in other journals, a handful of trackbacks, etc. Technorati’s cosmos doesn’t show anything unusual in the way of incoming links, and a pubsub subscription for “foo.ca” doesn’t show anything unusual.

    What might be interesting as a feature at PubSub is a listing of found links, displayed with their “weight” – ie. the amount that that particular link is worth to your link rank. Of course you could choose to sort by worth or date, so you could see just what happened to explain your jump or drop.

    I’m such a stats geek sometimes.


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