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    Thierry responds to my email pretty quickly… I’m pretty sure I saw issues with other aspects of the interface in Firefox – no calendar, etc. The IFrame use may explain some issues though – as far as I understand IFrame, it’s an IE oddity.

    Thierry’s points;

    1. Yes, you are right, we do have browser limitations at this time only if you want to use the formatting editing text box. When you modify content, you will see that some placeholders have format editing capabilities. Even though this is our technology, we use the IFrame window which is only supported by IE. Existing clients using Macs turn off the editing capabilities and everything is fine (managing plain text instead). We are coming up with 3 additional text editors in the next version (text only, XML, XHTML) which will be supported by all browsers. To this day, 98% of our clients use IE – so it’s never been an urgency. It is now ;-)

    2. We never had to stop an implementation because of technical constraints or security concerns. HR Block, BC Ferries, even Datawest use Marqui to manage their Intranet!!! We only hold the templates (in any code/language) and the content you want to manage through Marqui. Any confidential information, such as payroll information coming out of Peoplesoft STAYS within your Intranet. You simply use Marqui to manage the web layer of your code, your objects and data never makes it back to the Marqui Server. This is a pretty different architecture – and we are still having problems explaining it ;-) FTP, Secure FTP over SSH – no problem!

    3. The main question we get asked by technical people is the ability to create dynamic sites with Marqui. At first, they think we are like a Frontpage and don’t understand it. Once we explain the architecture, how you can create your code with your existing programming tool, and that Marqui doesn’t touch ANY of it – they start liking it. The punch line is that all your content can be published with XML templates – and once on your server, you can create dynamic pages using XSLT templates to call the structured XML content, or even script the XML content back to any database. It is truly open to what ever you want to do with it.

    The thing about that 2% that’s not IE, is that they tend to be the gatekeepers – people like me, where I’m the primary infrastructure IT guy in a company. If I make it a policy to not allow IE in the company, it’s a deal breaker, and the software won’t be installed, or the system won’t be used. Sometimes the minority are the ones that cause the problems. Look at politics for an infinite number of examples of that.

    I think I’ll take a bit of time today to look at the differences in IE and Firefox and get some screenshots to prove I’m not crazy. I’m not. The voices say I’m perfectly rational.


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    1. 12/10/2004 at 3:12 pm

      You’re not crazy. I tried using Marqui in Firefox the first time I used it and the interface didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t until I ran in Maxthon along side that I noticed that the interface pieces were flying all over the place.

      Like clicking buttons and their associated menus were ending up at the bottom of the page where they context-free and very confusing.

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