• On the slippery slope toward being a political blog…

    by  • 12/10/2004 • life • 0 Comments

    Countries that refuse US immunity ‘face aid cuts’

    Basically what the USA is looking for is immunity for its soldiers in any war crimes tribunals. Grant our Navy SEALs immunity in war crimes or atrocities that we might commit against your civilians, or we won’t help you out. Sorry, Iraq, but those people we allegedly tortured in Abu Grahib? They’re exempt from prosecution or we won’t bring in McDonalds, Pepsi and Pizza Hut to help feed your starving children.

    Carte Blanche for Bush too.

    So much for the war crimes tribunal. I was looking forward to seeing Bush lead in in manacles by armed guards… that or his body being found in an underground bunker a la Hitler’s. Apparent suicide.

    I suppose I should think about setting up another weblog for political crap. See what happens when I get referenced on right wing sites? I lose my mind.


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