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    Had a bit of a boost in the visitor logs today when a couple conservative bloggers included an entry here in their posts.

    I’m not entirely sure how I ended up attached to this, especially considering my post only linked to a couple articles. I was interested in what was going on with the refugee status hearing. Whatever the verdict, it’s going to have a pretty significant effect on US Canada relations. If we let him stay, we offend Bush’s government, If we send him back, we could very well be sending him back to be detained in prison, perhaps shot as a wartime deserter, or suffer the wrath of vigilante justice…. Whether he has brought it on himself, there is a chance that his life could be in danger if he isn’t given refugee status, and yet by granting him refugee status, are we insulting people seeking refuge from Haiti or elsewhere?

    Right Wing types:

    Leftist Media Hack Conspiracy:

    Seriously, this isn’t a political blog… many of the posts that result from searching here for “bush” are quotes of comedic pieces that I acquired from elsewhere. Oh, and there’s a number of posts about my blueberry bushes and other garden related issues. I’d rather talk about my new phone or how people are paying me to write for them… Politics makes people crazy.


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