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    Geeky links

    by  • 12/8/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    Hack A Day pointed to a number of really cool little geeky hacks; iPod case from one plastic milk jug from SuperPixel Paper Enigma machine and an Electronic one you can build Changing those boring iPod graphics

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    Naked Mary Kate and/or Ashley

    by  • 12/8/2004 • art, life • 60 Comments

    It has finally happened… The Olsen Twins have posed naked. “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are now of legal age and Millionaireplayboy.com is the first to give you the naked photo shoot of the Olsen twins. On June 13th the girls official became legal and they have been eager to show their male fans the […]

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    Greg from Get Real

    by  • 12/8/2004 • geek, life • 0 Comments

    Greg was pointed to an earlier post he had made in April 2004 by a reader; Blog Advertising Dilemma April 27, 2004 “To conclude, I don’t think the issue is ever really about the author selling out, as realistically business is business and expenses need to be managed. The tricker, finer detail is actually related […]

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