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    I’m always on the hunt for interesting reading material, and so I was going through the 2004weblogawards.com polls, starting in the “Best of the Top 5000 – 6750 Blogs” catergory. A couple of them feature entries I’d read on a regular basis and one or two have made the cut to be added to my bloglines subscriptions, and that’s a pretty decent percentage of any relatively random grouping of blogs to read.

    I was about halfway through checking out the entries in the category before I really noticed a trend… shows how much I was paying attention. Everyone of these journals appears to be scribed by a right wing individual. Some identify openly in the headers and sidebars as Christian, one as formerly gay, and there are pro Bush advertising banners or statements on nearly all of the sites. It would appear to be a statistical anomaly, having all of the entrants in any one category of anything be of such a relatively common profile politically, you’d think.

    That’s when I started looking around… huge advertising banners for GOP merchandise, George W. Bush looking paternal in a santa hat, and an ad about Michael Moore hating America. I clicked over to Wizbang.com to read things over there, on the blog of the person or persons behind these particular awards. Also very GOP friendly. Interesting, but it could explain some of the slant in a sensible fashion that pure chance didn’t; if wizbang readers are mostly republicans, then a higher percentage of initial republican voting and click through is likely. I just figured either that there was a huge hidden underground of republican bloggers, or that statistics didn’t work out. I suppose there’s also the option that democratic bloggers aren’t interesting….

    Anyhow, just needed to note that. Now I’m especially interested in what web logs were nominated in the Liberal category of a set of awards that appear to be very Conservative… should prove interesting anyhow.

    From a post on Wizbang

    “Before I start, a little disclaimer. I have nothing to do with the 2004 Weblog Awards. My sole involvement thus far have been 1) an e-mail from Kevin requesting that Paul and I “up the tempo” a little to keep up the pace here at Wizbang! while the Awards are keeping him busy, and 2) voting for a couple of sites already. I didn’t even get a sneak preview of the ubercool logo Suzy designed. (Sniff — I thought we meant more to each other than that, Suzy…)”

    Maybe there’s no connection other than advertising placement… not sure…

    Update: The swing to the right really gained momentuum when I got to the categories “Best Overall Blog” and “Best Humor Blog” which were REALLY REALLY right wing for the most part. I’m not a fan of extremist humor from either end… it often doesn’t grow beyond the fart joke style wit of “Look at Bush, he’s DUMB!” or “Look at Michael Moore, he’s FAT!” Subtlety and honest humor losing out to politcal rhetoric. There are a couple left-wing entries in the Best Overall Blog, but the point is that pretty much all of the Best Overall and Best Humor entries that I saw were heavily political in nature; to one extreme or the other. The only exception that comes to mind right now is Boing Boing which appears to be the wild card entry in Best Overall, and it’s not doing so well. You’d think that “Best Overall” would have more to offer than right wing punditry and a couple token entries from outside of the primary mindset.


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