• Update on the hostage dogs

    by  • 12/6/2004 • angst • 0 Comments

    Lee Wilkins has posted an update to the alfie and benson incarceration in doggie limbo.

    Adam Curry had Lee on to tell his story on a podcast released Friday Dec 3rd, and by Monday Dec 6, they had $1200 in donations, which is amazing. All these people on the internet who don’t know Lee outside of Adam’s show, and they’re kicking in five or ten dollars (or more) to help move a pair of dogs halfways around the world. Incredible.

    Now, once Lee’s had his fill of donations to the cause (alfieandbenson.com in case you haven’t had the chance), I’m looking to buy a new laptop and there’s a little donation button there on the right side of the blog should you have too much cash, or not know what to get me for the holidays.

    Seriously though, if you have cash to offer, send it to Lee – LET THE DOGGIES GO!



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