• The Second Line Scam

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    On the TV is the local news on Global TV Vancouver, and the anchor warns us not to change the channel because there’s a “new” scam online that hackers and scammers are using to steal granny’s pennies. Okay, he just says that the “second line scam” is a new way to fool consumers… Let’s see how out of touch Global is today…

    “There is a scam to watch out for… it leaves you the consumer with no defense”

    blah blah online shopping is convenient and cheap blah blah blah blah coffee shops … shots of a dozen (obviously a setup) people on laptops randomly typing, trying to look like they actually have a clue what they’re doing while the voiceover drones on about how hackers have us under their thumbs and we’re “Helpless” according to the MSNBC “expert” that they have to lend credence to their arguement.

    “Hackers have figured out a way to redirect the merchandise by scrambling the primary address line, and adding in text in your second address line.”

    So, you enter “1234 Main Street” in the address line, and nothing in Address 2, and somehow hackers just magically turn your primary address into XXXKDJWEIOFLD garbage, and inserte “808 Hax0r L4n3” into the secondary address line. I’m not following how these mystic hackers are able to alter your primary address line and not make IT into the actual hacker address.

    “Just when you’ve got it all figured out, those hackers… ha ha ha…”

    God, I hate news anchors.

    So, I poke around online, and find a site that has a bit more detail.

    The whole thing relies on buying from shoddy merchants who don’t require 100% address verification, and even better if all they match is the street number. This isn’t something where these “hackers” are getting in the middle of your transaction. This is where you have allowed someone to gather all of your credit card and mailing info, and they then enter it into a form to order products from retailers themselves. Don’t order porn online, don’t send anything in response to an email from Citibank, and check your statement. Any decent card will allow you to dispute charges, especially tractor trailer loads of penis enlargers that were shipped to some place in Topeka.

    So pay attention and stop handing your credit card number out like halloween candy, dumbass.


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