• It’s software testing week — Ecto 1.5 Beta 2

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    Well, this is the first time I’ve fired up Ecto, and it’s not bad… beats the heck out of any editor in a web page on first impression.

    screenshot of ecto

    Fed in the type of weblog as WordPress, entered the URL to the xmlrpc.php file on the server, a user name and password, and it sucked in the last handful of entries and displays them in a slightly WYSIWYG fashion… mostly there’s no stylesheet, so of course things look a bit different. No big, as I’m a big fan of keeping content and style separate.

    I notice that the categories don’t populate the drop-down in the editor, remaining grey… Honestly, I didn’t read the notes from the developer, so that’s likely a known item. I do wish that the trackback input field was on the editor window, as I tend to use trackbacks relatively frequently. Instead I have to click a button on the task bar, which is just one more step. I’d rather have the extended body text area below the body entry used as the place to enter trackback URLs, but maybe that’s just me.

    One thing that’d be really cool would be if there were a PHPgallery function that would allow me to tie into the gallery I use for all my images… or even a standard FTP setup rather than just Movabletype or Typepad… I’m just never happy with software. I’m SUCH a jerk.

    All in all, it’s an editor, and it appears to do what it promises to do – edits blog entries and uploads them. Nice touch is the potential for managing multiple web logs in one interface.


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