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    Okay, my version of how to blog;

    Step 1: Participate.
    Step 2: See Step 1.

    In the past month or so I’ve been taking an active part in pushing the site. The results have been pretty obvious both in statistical value such as that that pubsub assigns and in the more tangible of pure page displays.

    pubsub ranking

    The long slow decline is odd, but I’d really been trailing off on this thing…. I’ve started to post regularly again, and more importantly, I’m posting on other blogs and journals. Those posts may or may not count for much in the ranking, but they are most definitely showing a nice, steady rise in unique page views. The blogosphere is like a pure democracy, or a pure popularity contest…

    I don’t claim to fully understand the math in the LinkRanks description, but the gist of it is “more links pointing at you is good, and if they’re from high ranked places recently, even better.” So, a link from amazon.com to my weblog would be REALLY highly placed, but one from military.com wouldn’t be AS influential. A link from today is valued a lot higher than one from October.

    My ranking with Technorati is a harder one to fathom, though. Part of the problem is that I’m listed there under a dozen different names and addresses… http://foo.ca/blogs/artist, http://blog.foo.ca/artist, http://foo.ca/wp, and so on… I totalled it up once, and there’s a bunch, but they’re scattered. Kinda waters down the score.

    Anyhow, I like the pubsub approach, especially the somewhat Kibo-style in which Bob’s dropped in here to provide feedback on how the pubsub rankings work. Kibo’s uncanny abilities were in an age that existed before Google, people…


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    1. 12/4/2004 at 1:20 pm

      You wrote: “The long slow decline is odd” You must rememeber that we “decay” the value of an incoming link overtime. This is very much not like what happens on other ranking systems. Your LinkRank on any single day will only reflect the links that we have detected during the last 10 days. Thus, you may have had an exceptionally high LinkRank 11 days ago, however, if you haven’t done anything worth someone linking to in the last 10 days, your LinkRank will be dismally low. Apparently, until very recently, you were only getting very infrequent in-bound links. You’re now beginning to establish an audience that seems to be generating links more frequently. As long as they *continue* to link to you regularly, your LinkRank will stay high. Also, note that even if people tend to link to you with the same frequency as they do now, this will result in your LinkRank slowly decaying. Because LinkRanks measures you against all other blogs and because there are more blogs every day, it becomes harder every day to maintain a good LinkRank — the “competition” is increasing constantly and rapidly.

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