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    Mitch wrote a very well put together piece, and it sums up a lot of the situation very well with his responses to a couple of the biggest detractors of the program. Of the participants involved in the Marqui program, I have one of the least trafficked sites and one of the things I’m using this program for is to drag my readership up. Marqui gets a load of traffic off the program, and so do I. My PubSub ranking has been rising relatively steadily for the past couple weeks because I’ve been commenting on a lot of entries, and have been bringing more readers in. It’s nice to see names like Adam Curry, Marc Canter, Eric Rice, (and all those others that I’m forgetting because I’m a bad human being) commenting or emailing. It’s nice to notice that I have new subscribers via bloglines (the rss robot tells me how many subs it’s gathering for in the logs…) and other RSS readers. I haven’t chaired any committees or published any papers, and I don’t own any influential companies, or write for large publications. I’ve just been blogging for years, and only recently have I bothered to publicize the fact.

    How does this Marqui thing affect my net readership’s opinion of me? Well the three of you that aren’t immediate family and friends will likely still think I’m funny, and that I’m a jerk to hippies and marketing people I work with. I really only write about technology peripherally, in the way that it affects me – my new cell phone (that I paid full price for) or the iPod (that I won from a Pepsi contest) or that laptop from Apple (that I’m trying to save money for, and which Marqui will undoubedtly help me with by bringing extra revenue to my bank account). I don’t tend to write about technology issues that are cutting edge… I work with a company that is heavily active in Web Services and security, and you know what? Blogging about it in here doesn’t interest me, it’s work, and many people are writing about XML and WS standards who are better at it than I, and I leave them to it. What I write about is how technology affects me. If Marqui affects me badly, they’ll hear about it.

    This post brought to you by the “buy the bankrupt artist an ibook fund”;

    • need: 2498.88
    • have: 556.64

    In the case of the Marqui “CMS” program, sure I haven’t been looking for something exactly like this, but it is a field that I’ve been interested in for about ten years. In fact, this is where it gets a little odd… I first wrote the initial backend for a document management system that allowed for web-based signoffs and distribution nearly 10 years ago. Basically you could check documents in and out, change permissions, set requirements, and accept or reject documents that were handed off to you. This was a single-handed development that halted when the company was sold and the tech staff were suddenly redundant and were downsized. I don’t recall the product we were using, but it may have been Allaire Cold Fusion, later Macromedia Cold Fusion. Apparently the product I wrote was later sold to another company who worked with it for a while and then re-wrote the system in another language…

    The president of the company that I was “right sized” from years ago went on to work at Netscape and elsewhere, and roughly ten years later, I end up working for him again – without knowing it. Wouldn’t it be entertaining if the Marqui software originated from my crappy little ISP cubicle all that time ago? I don’t imagine it did, but what if it did? Would that change my view of the system as it exists now. when no code remaining in the system; not a single apostrphe or comma, is mine. When the system has been completely redesigned and reimplemented dozens of times in that past decade? Would I be biased toward something that was barely related to what I wrote about? Not likely.

    After all this Marqui fuss is over, will I feel the need to evangelize on their behalf? Well, not if the product isn’t the right tool for the job. I don’t offer blanket solutions to anyone for anything. I suppose that you’ll have to trust me on that.

    I’m open to offers from the rest of you CMS product vendors out there. You are invited to kick in $800 per month, for the next three months and I’ll evaluate your offerings as well, giving all of the products a good side-by-side. The $800 allows me to focus my time and energies on the work and to allocate the needed software and hardware at the evaluation, gives me the time to get you all setup with nice corporate blogs to start the process off, etc.

    How better to keep everyone unbiased?

    It would be a big product review network of bloggers along the lines of Consumer Reports… Blogger Reports, where those to be evaluated kick in cash to pay for the reviewers’ time and equipment. My demands for residuals from the name Blogger Reports will be minimal…


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    1. 12/3/2004 at 3:18 pm

      “Blogging Reports”. I like that.

      Even if the actual bits & bytes that originated with you way back when are actually included the code for Marqui, it is, I suppose, techically feasible that there is still a connection somewhere along the way. Remember that “six degrees of separation” concept? No, I don’t necessarily mean the .com, but the concept. Take it even further; maybe some of the O2 or CO2 atoms that you exhaled while writing code were inhaled somewhere else by someone writing code for Marqui. Or bits of plastic from the keyboard you used got recycled into that fancy coffee mug she was drinking from while writing one of those new commas in the code. Who knows? It’s possible. Right?

      OK. So I think a little “different”. Go with it. It might just be true…..

    2. 12/3/2004 at 3:21 pm

      oops. That first line in the second paragraph should have said “…the actual bits & bytes that originated with you way back when AREN’T actually included …”

    3. 12/3/2004 at 6:32 pm

      Your PubSub LinkRank has, in fact, been rising steadily since it took a big jump about a month ago. See: http://bobwyman.pubsub.com/LinkRanks/foo_ca.JPG to view a graph of your PubSub LinkRank over time.

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