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    by  • 12/3/2004 • humor, life • 0 Comments

    book cover

    Yes, it’s called “how to blog” but it has the Obey Giant’s face on it. How cool is that. You don’t even have to read it – its sheer coolness will improve your life and your friends will beg to be allowed to merely touch your copy of the book. Don’t let them.

    From what I can tell without owning a copy of the book, it’s a whole lot of “best of” posts (and a dirty poem that is rumoured to make sailors blush) from Tony’s busblog but I’m not cool enough to have a copy – see, I’m without credit card (see the name of this place….) Not sure why Cafepress isn’t hooked in with Paypal or another net payment scheme….

    Disclosure: I like books and have an Obey sticker on my laptop. No money, books or favours have changed hands.


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