• A lot can happen in a couple of months

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    I know for certain that I’ve changed my mind on products before. One example is that I really didn’t like Dreamweaver at all, and found it painful and hard to use; I would have recommended anyone run away as fast as they could if they had to use it. Then one day, I had to edit a style sheet, and do a bunch of changes to a whole library of pages, and found that Dreamweaver had some amazing functionality for batching changes to an entire set of pages. I completed in 10 minutes what would have required hours in vim. At the time, I didn’t even recall my earlier horrid experience with the product, and believed that Dreamweaver was the best thing since the self lubricating widget or whatever that cliche was…

    “Okay here’s an ethical dilemma. Privately, a blogger says, in a phone coversation “Boy that product sucks. I don’t know why anyone would use it. I hate it. Totally.” Then a couple of months later the same blogger says, in public “Hey that’s great stuff. I use it all the time. It creams the competition.” Now it could be nothing more than the blogger changed his mind, but it could also be that the blogger is being less than truthful. What to do? Should I out him? Raise the question? In public — or privately?” — Dave Winer

    I would question the need for a public “outting” for something that could very well be an honest change of heart. There may be changes to the blogger’s requirements, or to the product. I know I used to LOVE MovableType until it stopped rebuilding my archives correctly, and I flipped to loathing it, and found that the sub-standard B2 had become a great product WordPress in a short amount of time. I also flip flop on how I feel about Windows XP, OSX, Safari, and nearly every product I use… Drop the person an email, or give them a call and ask, as casually as you can about what changed their mind.


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