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    Search Engine Optimization

    by  • 12/31/2004 • geek, life, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    Robin makes some excellent points on Marqui and SEO. SEO is apparently an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is a field that I really don’t have any patience for. The way I understand it, it’s all about making your site more popular than it deserves to be. You may as well rename your company […]

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    I really need to stop posting political stuff…

    by  • 12/30/2004 • life • 0 Comments

    I shouldn’t even read this sort of stuff when I’m supposed to be on a vacation… Today, in a story about the new “Pentagon Channel,” the Washington Times lets it readers know exactly what it believes to be the role of the national media. Here’s the lede of the Times’ piece: The Pentagon has created […]

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    Tourist stuff on the to-do list

    by  • 12/30/2004 • geek, life, music • 2 Comments

    There are a couple things that we are plotting to see this time around while in Seattle. One is the Science Fiction Experience and the other is the Experience Music Project. The word ‘Experience’ must now, by law appear in any Seattle tourist attraction, it would seem. We visited Archie McPhee’s which is a most […]

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    Nobody pissed me off on the trip down…

    by  • 12/30/2004 • angst, life • 0 Comments

    Surprisingly enough, nobody on the bus or at customs decided to cause me any grief. Our only little bit of dumbness came when we checked into the hotel. The Bell Man insisted that he had to put the entire bill on our credit card upon checkin, despite my specifically asking about that on the phone […]

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    Survey says…

    by  • 12/29/2004 • geek, life, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    Jason’s posted a survey that asks questions that we really need to know the answers to… Would you feel more comfortable reading a blog that had an icon showing they subscribed to a blog ethics standard that said they would not mix editorial and advertising? Remember how tough it is to get an icon that […]

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    New Year’s Eve with “Celebrities”

    by  • 12/28/2004 • life • 0 Comments

    A commercial on local Vancouver TV was advertising a night of wining and dining with celebrities, and I was only able to make note of one name that was listed; Nadia Wit. No offense to Nadia, as she has more entries in IMDB than I do, or than anyone I know personally. That said, on […]

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    MS whines that they were out of the loop on security problems

    by  • 12/28/2004 • geek • 1 Comment

    A rather large security hole is uncovered, again centered around image loading, and MS gets pissy that the public was notified. “Microsoft is disappointed that Xfocus took actions that could put computer users at risk by not following the commonly accepted industry practise of privately reporting security vulnerabilities to software vendors,” the spokeswoman said. One […]

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    More of that Marqui publishing…

    by  • 12/28/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    I received an email from Marqui regarding my last post, offering some assistance, and have been meaning to post the details. To review, basically I was having an issue with publishing to multiple servers. I could publish to the test server that’s a Windows machine, but I was unable to have the “backup” publishing location […]

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    That Seattle trip is going to happen…

    by  • 12/27/2004 • life, music • 1 Comment

    So much for the hostels, which would have cost nearly $US60 per night for private room assuming that they had any availability. The hotel will run $79 per night and I won’t have to share a bathroom with anyone who smells of patchoulli. Hostels make sense if you’re traveling alone and have no problem sleeping […]

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