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    I’ve been using the Firefox 1.0 release since day one, and I’ve missed one extension a LOT since 0.7 or 0.8 when it stopped working. Session Saver would save all my open tabs in the event of a browser or OS crash, and restore them on restart of the application. You could explicitly save your tabs, quit the browser and restart if you needed to reboot for any reason, and this is a seriously needed feature in my books.

    I don’t restart my computer frequently, and I tend to acquire new tabs routinely. See something mentioned on Slashdot, or a reference to a news story I want to read, and I open in new tab… then I get back to it later and keep reading the original piece. Sometimes I build up 30 tabs before going through them and cleaning house… Right now this entry is happening on tab 15. I need to restart Firefox in order to activate the new version of Session Saver, so I need to go clear some tabs out. I’ve also installed miniT in the past week or so, and it is waiting on a restart of the application as well. It’s the extension that allows you to drag and drop tabs, to move your webmail tab to the far left, or whatever your preference is.

    Thanks to Scott’s Newsletter for the update on the Session Saver extension.


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