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    The Lemur was wondering what a trackback does, and asks “Is it an electronic rock I toss at your blog…?” That’s the entire point behind this post – I’m writing my name on a rock and throwing it at The Head Lemur.

    Technically, all it does is call a CGI on the remote server with arguments that tell the server to add a trackback comment to the discussion referenced. If navigated to directly, in this case I get the following response;

    <message>Need a Source URL (url).</message>

    See, in this case I didn’t write my name on the rock, and so the system throws an error.

    According to the Movable Type Guys, “TrackBack is a REST-based architecture for peer-to-peer communication and notifications between web sites. The protocol is based on the priciple of push, rather than pull–if you want to share information with another website, you initiate the connection, rather than waiting for the other website to discover you (and your information).”

    Makes for a good way to build up links to your blog to bump your technorati and pubsub rankings.

    Update: Thanks to Bob Wyman for the Pubsub clarification. I’ll make sure to limit the pimping of my blog mostly to blogs with comment feeds :)


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    1. 11/29/2004 at 1:39 pm

      Trackback links will not normally be considered in computing your LinkRank since most blogs don’t include trackback links in their feeds. Links must come from a feed in order to be considered in computing LinkRanks.

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