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    Christ on a bike….

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    Welcome Matt to Vancouver. A refreshing look at life in Vancouver, including definitions of words that are new to him. Though, I can honestly say that I’ve never been asked to “initialize” anything by my bank…

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    Throwing rocks at blogs

    by  • 11/29/2004 • geek • 1 Comment

    The Lemur was wondering what a trackback does, and asks “Is it an electronic rock I toss at your blog…?” That’s the entire point behind this post – I’m writing my name on a rock and throwing it at The Head Lemur. Technically, all it does is call a CGI on the remote server with […]

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    We’ve changed our policy, but we can’t SHOW you the policy…

    by  • 11/29/2004 • geek, life • 0 Comments

    Ah yes, gotta love the government’s librarians. Below is the chain of emails regarding my ISSN application, with my comments in bold From: ISSN Canada <issn@lac-bac.gc.ca> To: “rgmurray@xxx” <rgmurray@xxx> Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 07:13:45 -0500 Subject: RE: ISSN Application Form for Canadian Serial Publications Thank you for your application. Weblogs are no longer assigned […]

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    More laptop replacement planning…

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    I’ve come to the conclusion that these are my two primary options for a laptop to replace my aging Dell Inspiron 5000 (700MHz P3) system (no wireless, dead battery, and the system weighs about 200 pounds). I don’t really need to push the machine that hard, so I’m likely fine with the iBook… I need […]

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