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    Scoble isn’t down on these “pay to blog” scenarios, but on reading his statement “Thanks, I’ll pass.” I realized what the people who are “choosing” not to partake in these programs have in common. It’s not a superior ethical sense, or a moral stand that they’re making. They’re not motivated by money, as they would appear to have plenty.

    This is something I have thought of when I listen to Adam Curry’s Daily Source, where he produces a really decent little show thanks to his years of experience in broadcasting. He makes no secret of not needing to worry about money, and has stated on numerous occassions along the lines of how it’s nice to be rich. I haven’t heard Adam say anything specific regarding advertising, or about Marqui or Marc Canter, but I would agree that it would be nice to be rich, and allow me to do what I enjoy, not just what I have to. That’s where making money from things I enjoy doing comes into play.

    I’m one of those people that’s happy to have a cheque come in from a contract I’m working, from a job, or from a sponsorship deal. I can run out of money. It happens. I’m not a long time Microsoft employee, I’m not a former media darling, and I’m not a dot-com success story. I’m just a guy with a pretty normal job in systems administration, and I’m pretty sure I’m not an “influential blogger” that has the luxury of leisure time to blog just for the sheer love of it. I need to earn money to pay for things like rent and food for myself and my wife, who has just started to draw employment insurance for a total of 60% of her former salary.

    Earning money from a blog makes perfect sense to me. It’s what all those late night infomercials about no-money-down real estate referred to as “residual income” – income that I don’t have to dedicate my life to in order to earn something. Advertising and paid blogging are low time-to-input activities, which I can perform while doing other things, or at my leisure around other things.

    Now I’m having visions of a slimy guy yelling about the money making opportunities of blogging, “Why Mr. Smith here made $5,000,450 just yesterday while blogging*”

    These Marqui style offerings aren’t an answer to everyone’s dreams of money for nothing, but neither are they automatically a bad thing for those of us with needs to eat and rent a house.

    * Results not typical, and involved a lottery ticket in Mr. Smith’s case.


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    1. 6/7/2006 at 9:13 am

      great if that really works for you. it does not sound too reliable job for me though.

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