• Vancouver International Film Festival

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    So, someone made one little comment about the VIFF coming up, and I have now spent a whole lot of time planning to see some films. I’ve planned a bit each year for the past couple years, but with the work situation being what it is, I think I can pull off a whole lot of matinee shows this year. Next year I want a media pass though.

    The weekday matinee pass is $100 and lets me see anything that screens before 6:00pm which should work out fine. There’s one single movie that I want to see that doesn’t play in the day, so I may need to buy a single ticket. I also mostly myself to the Granville 7 Theatre for those days where I’d be, in effect, taking a lunch break to catch a movie.

    Here’s the breakdown of the movies that interested me. There were a couple only playing at Pacific Cinematheque, and a couple at the Ridge, but I had to toss them when they got in the way of multiple other films. The ones with asterisks are the ones I’m planning on seeing, and the others provide some backup plans….


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