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    Another independant music distributer stepping up with a letter to the RIAA to say “You don’t speak for us” over at Go-Kart Records

    These smaller companies stand to gain nothing from the RIAA actions, except maybe more attention on their products that are equally as good with nothing in the way of copy protection or annoying threats from multi-billion dollar corporations. The RIAA doesn’t seem to realize that it needs to adapt to what the market demands – the market doesn’t always adapt to what industry wants, despite what industry would like.

    Snagged a couple MP3 titles from the Go-Kart catalog of freebies, and I think that I’ll have to order a couple albums.

    I wonder if an honor system of album payment could work… you know, a “recommended payment” assigned to a product, and people can submit that payment or whatever they feel the product is worth. I mean, I’m sitting here listening to an album by a band I’ve never heard of before thanks to Go-Kart’s press release about this. This band is giving me an album…. I’m very likely to buy another of their albums because I like this one. Sounds like a fair trade for them – they’ve found a new person to buy their stuff who may not have ever heard of them before.

    So yeah, go download a punk album and tell your friends to do so as well. Then do something novel. Pay for it afterwards if you like it. Or, if you like your MP3s in bulk… They’re distributing a 300 song MP3 CD of their bands as well in November. More information here

    Did I mention that the Anazombies MP3 files I downloaded were 192kbps not 128?

    Then if you’re looking for a decent online ordering site for independant albums, Check out CD Baby – sounds cool. They have a couple interesting ideas for organizing CDs… by “Flavor”. Music to drink to, music to have sex to, music for stoners, music for your mom, etc… Haven’t dealt with them yet, but it looks okay so far.

    Some interesting artists from CD Baby… Rachel Arieff & The Smileytown Boys


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    1. danz
      5/11/2005 at 1:21 pm

      Cdbaby is really good for rare material and I can listen to almost everything they sell. This encourages me to shop there more often. Can you imagine, once upon a time we were not allowed to listen to albums before we bought them at all. There were no listening stations for example. Wow, how times have changed. Like cdbaby.com, Gridrecords.com is in the same league and you can read heaps about the bands they support. So, ya listen and then buy. That is what I do.

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