• Freaks and their spam.

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    I loves me some spam… especially the spam that completely ignores reality… “I love your site! It’d be a great match for my site about printer ink cartridges!” Yeah, that’s my idea of a great site to link to.

    From: Pam Stevenson <pamstevenson@link-builder.com>

    Subject: foo.ca

    To: webmaster @ foo.ca

    Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 06:39:37 -0700

    Message-id: <200310011339.h91DdbsP008419@mail.linkguage.org>

    I am contacting you about cross linking. I am interested in foo.ca because it looks like it’s relevant to a site that I am the link manager for. The site is about discount original brand (OEM) Epson ink cartridges and Lexmark ink cartridges.

    I keep the web address confidential and will send it to you only if you give me permission to do so. Just let me know if it’s OK, and I’ll send you the web address for your review. If you approve of the site, then we’ll exchange links.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Pam Stevenson


    http://www. link-builder .com

    Experts in Quality Link Building

    P.S. If for any reason you don’t want me to contact you again, just email me and let me know that.

    So, basically fuck you, I’m not linking to your web site, but I’ll gladly link to your email address for the spam collection bots…


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