• Stop using @foo.ca addresses, jackass.

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    I’m sick of people using foo.ca in their return addresses when they post to newsgroups, etc. Feel free to sign up the yahoo.com address and the rogers.com address below for spam… I figure it’s only fair.

    Got an email from someone who didn’t alter the address when he hit reply to buy this freak’s binders. STOP USING foo.ca in your bogus addresses… it’s not a bogus address, you idiots. Uses a truly bogus address, otherwise you’re still giving the spammers addresses that actually resolve. Feed them bogus information, at the least.

    From: admin @ foo . ca

    Subject: Re: 21 Brand New 3-Ring Binders of all sizes

    To: victus1@yahoo.com

    Cc: accunet1@rogers.com

    I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use “foo.ca” in your from address. It’s a
    real domain with real mailboxes that get too much spam thanks to people like

    Guess what? I like to take those people’s real email addresses like
    victus1@yahoo.com or accunet1@rogers.com and return the favour by signing
    those addresses up on adult web sites.

    Either put your real email address in your newsreader, or use one that DOESN’T EXIST. For example fakeemail@nowh.ere – goes NOWHERE. Guaranteed.

    On 28/09/03 11:16 -0400, Nelson Chan wrote:

    >Where are you located?




    >”tor” <tor @ foo . ca> wrote in message


    >> 21 Brand New 3-Ring binders of all sizes. 5 binders are D-Ring for

    >> extra capacity. Use for school or storing documents.

    >> Excellent condition with no scratches or any damage.

    >> $25 Firm takes them ALL!


    >> see picture:

    >> http://members.rogers.com/accunet1/binders.jpg


    >> email me: victus1@yahoo.com


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