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    So now this Dell service issue is back in the hand of Chris “Fuckwad” Lister. If you ever speak to him, feel free to use his informal middle name.

    He’s the prick manager who took over the ticket before the latest round of fixes. We got to the end of the road, where nothing was working, and he’d actually suggested that the step after they sent out a technician to diagnose onsite would be to consider unit replacement.

    He went to the mythical managers who control the unit replacements, and the word from on-high was that the unit was not defective, and that it must be a software issue. After all, it couldn’t be Dell hardware at fault. That’s heresy. Blasphemy. Ridiculous.

    So, the unofficially official Dell policy against replacing computers ever rears its head. Lovely. Back to scratch. Reinstall the OS from the Dell CD, upgrade audio drivers, and call back a 2nd level tech. He goes through the motions, and we send the unit in for Service at Dell’s depot again.

    I’m not entirely what it is that they smoke at Dell’s service depot, but whatever it is would fetch it’s weight in gold on the streets. They claimed to have replaced the motherboard and tested everything fine, so it had to be the software. Crack. Maybe they smoke some special Tech Support brand of Crack that’s better than that on the streets. Hrmmmm…

    So anyway, here I sit now after going through the motions with yet another befuddled tech, and he’s passed the ball, back over to Fuckwad himself who’s claiming to go back to his Oracle of Replacements and pitch a replacement to the Powers That Be.

    I’m not happy with this. I’m ready to travel to wherever the hell he lives and jam this 3500 up his ass sideways. And open. With the CD tray open. This is taking years off my life, and leaving us with a machine that’s effectively worth shit…. we couldn’t even sell it to someone else without working sound, so we’d be stuck with it, useless crap that it is.



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