• Notes from a traveller in Thailand

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    Just reading an email from a friend of a friend of Tania’s. Okay, this friend of a friend is actually traveling with the friend. So in this case, this friend of a friend is actually traceable, unlike that FOAF that lives next door to that famous guy and saw him doing those things.

    Anyway, I read this toward the end of the email;

    “And now I’m living in a thatch and bamboo hut with a big double bed, fan, and friendly gecko who eats all the mosquitos, for $4 a day. I’m 100 feet from the water, 10 feet from the jungle behind me, and 100% delighted. It’s all good.”

    And I wondered; is the room $4 a day, or is that what the gecko charges?


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    1. 12/9/2007 at 6:47 pm

      LOL That is a funny post. I have stayed many places in Thailand, some real dumps too. My lowest price place was 7 dollars a night, but it was absolutely terrible and was in the city so it had a well worn grimey feel to it.

      If you are right on the beach in the less populated areas I guess I could see staying at a place like that. Although then I would be scared of bugs and snakes getting in!

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