• Some second and third thoughts.

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    Some of you are saying to yourself right now “What about the first one?”

    Anyhow, some rethinking on the whole Asia Adventure here. Karachi would be very cool, but it is actually on the list of places to avoid courtesy of the Canadian government. It would appear that there have been numerous instances of foreigners being targeted by terrorism, massive demonstrations that have turned violent in the streets, and there are warnings not to go outside at all after sundown. I’m relatively adventurous and all, but if I want that kind of danger, I’d go hang out in Pigeon Park here in East Vancouver if I wanted to end up damaged or dead. Hell, I could pop on down to Los Angelos and hang around in gang territory taking pictures. Yes. That sounds like a good idea.

    Or maybe not.

    So how about this instead? 6 days in Thailand, 6 days in Hong Kong, and 6 in Tokyo, with a day for travel between spots, and a day in Hong Kong before the final trip home.

    I saw a great little phrase in Japanese on a web site describing the term ‘baka’;

    nothing more attention getting than “sumimasen ga…watashi wa baka gaijin” (excuse me, but i’m a stupid foreigner…) followed by a request for directions.


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