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    Saw something interesting in the Georgia Strait the other day; an advertisement by Cathay Pacific airline, showing their All Asia Pass. They’re offering a package with 21 days of somewhat open travel between 17 Asian cities for a rather low price. Places I could definitely stand to go.

    So, perhaps it’s less “tacky” to some people to pay into a wedding travel registry. THAT would be cool. I’m thinking that $3000 for the tickets for the two of us, plus at least that much again for 21 days of lodgings / eating. We’ll have to see just how that goes over. Screw the student loans.

    The offer itself is amazing. The cost of a flight from Vancouver to Bangkok alone is over $2000 return, but here I can effectively get the same thing for just under $1400 return. Plus I can stop in Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, Taipei, and Karachi – and more if we so desire.

    This all started when Tania ran into someone that she used to go to school with back in Red Deer. This person has been teaching in Thailand for the past 6 months if memory serves, and raves about it. Other people I know have been there as well, and loved the area. Coincidentally the advert in the Georgia Strait was out shortly after that.

    I’ve wanted to make it to Hong Kong for the last couple years, and I’ve wanted to see Japan since – oh, 4th or 5th grade. Given, the desire to go to Japan at that age was pretty abstract, and based off glossy pictures of the place in social studies. I’m not sure off-hand where I want to visit in Japan – Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, or Fukuoka. Whichever we choose in Japan, we need to ensure that we get the chance to take the train into the countryside.

    Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysian capital, and it just sounds amazing. With a name like that, how bad could the place be? Seriously though, the pictures and reviews I’m seeing online are amazing.

    Then there’s Karachi in Pakistan that sounds amazing. It’s a port city on the Asian Sea to the south, near the India border. This doesn’t make me feel safe about the place; after all the only things that really make it on the news about that region are negative. It would appear that a visa is needed, so I’ve emailed the Pakistan High Commision in Ottawa to see what’s required and how to start the process

    I’ve wanted to visit India since friends in Red Deer had come back with amazing stories of their travels through the inner continent. I know that Karachi is in Pakistan, not in India; but it’s close enough for my tastes.

    And what makes you think of exotic locations more than Sri Lanka, specifically the port of Colombo. It’s an extra $300 a person to go there, and we may have to think about visting this island nation on the southern tip of India. Likely we’ll have to pass on it, though. I’d rather spend a good 5 or 6 days in each location if at all possible, so this could be tough – we’d have to fly there from Bangkok, which is also where Karachi originates. Backtracking isn’t really something we need to be doing.

    So, my theory would be something like;

    • Leave Vancouver for Hong Kong
    • Stay 5 days in HK
    • Leave HK for Bangkok
    • Stay in Bangkok for 5 days
    • Over to Karchi for 3 days
    • Back through Bangkok to Singapore for 3 days – Kuala Lumpur apparently means backtracking to HK unless we get another method of travel to Kuala….
    • From Singapore, through HK, to Tokyo for 5 day
    • HK again, and back to Van.

    Amazingly enough, I just totaled those up to 21 days on the first shot. Maybe drop Singapore from the itinerary as well, since there’s going to be a decent amount of time in the air between Hong Kong and Karachi.

    Currency information
    1 Canadian Dollar = 27.70051 Thai Baht
    1 Thai Baht (THB) = 0.03610 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

    1 Canadian Dollar = 75.27623 Japanese Yen
    1 Japanese Yen (JPY) = 0.01328 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

    1 Canadian Dollar = 5.06928 Hong Kong Dollar
    1 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) = 0.19727 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

    1 Canadian Dollar = 2.46984 Malaysian Ringgit
    1 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) = 0.40488 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

    1 Canadian Dollar = 38.11907 Pakistan Rupee
    1 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = 0.02623 Canadian Dollar (CAD)


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    1. roz sherker
      3/1/2004 at 5:11 pm

      I do not understand the HK currency. If an item costs $1400 HK; how many CAD will that be? Thank you

    2. 2/10/2008 at 12:58 pm

      Aha! A Fellow Canuck Traveller! I’m setting sail around the world soon, and I can’t wait to get to Asia. I haven’t ever been, but it feels familiar somehow. Have fun! Jason

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