• oh. the guilt.

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    Just noticed now that one of the people I sent here has herself all setup and linked me as a livejournal.com friend. So I took a quick stroll through what she has on line.

    Guilt? Why? She’s gone all out and configured her colours, imported old journal entries from another system, and oh, so much more. Outside of the basic cosmetic changes, she’s got the following bit of data:

    “Caucasian weddings seem to be a lot smaller scale than a the typical Vancouver, BC Chinese wedding. People were telling me that 100 guests was a “huge” wedding. Chinese weddings average 300 easily.”

    See, she’s planning her wedding too. What Tania and I are doing pales in comparison. I’m amazed that generations of people have actually been able to survive the whole Chinese wedding ordeal. THAT is love.

    I’m not entertaining any illusions that our wedding is a huge event; it’s mostly immediate family and select people that we classify as friends. Well, and of course anyone that’s willing to relocate for a weekend to the wilderness that is Central Alberta.

    I’m happy to see one thing in her journals that makes me not feel so strange. I’d like to be able to suggest to people that they just send money – I’d rather have my student loans all done with rather than get a nice silver set that will never see use. Trouble is that too many people see that as tacky. I’m of the opinion that gift registries are tackier, but we’re still going to have to use them in order to avoid getting those silver tea services.

    Back to that whole cultural thing I suppose… familial respect, etc, that we westerners lack. I know I’ve got little patience for my family, and could never entertain the thought of extended periods of life with them.


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